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For every kilo of coffee sold, we donate

$1 to Beyond Blue. 

Sadly, most of us have known someone who has suffered from a mental illness. With an estimated 45% of Australians likely to encounter a mental health condition in their lifetime.

Coffee often serves as a comforting and familiar setting for meaningful conversations. Just like a warm cup of coffee can provide comfort, reaching out to friends over coffee can create a safe place to discuss important topics like mental health. Let's work together to ensure that no one faces these challenges alone. So far we have raised over $60K in donations to help those on need achieve their best possible mental health.


Our commitment to happier and healthier mind is also reflected in our eco-friendly cups, each displaying a positive quote to brighten people's days and prompt a moment of reflection on life's beauty.

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Common-328 B&W Blue Cup.jpg

Who is beyond blue & what do they do?

Beyond Blue is a mental health organisation in Australia that focuses on supporting and improving the mental well-being of individuals. They provide information, resources, and assistance for people dealing with mental health issues, as well as their families and friends. Beyond Blue works to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, promotes awareness, and offers a range of support services, including counselling and online forums. Their goal is to create a mentally healthy community and enhance the understanding of mental health issues across Australia.

And don't forget, Beyond Blue is there whenever you need support for your mental health or if you're assisting someone going through a difficult time.



The inner lining of our uplifting coffee hot paper cups is coated

with Ingeo™, an innovative bioplastic derived from

corn—a sustainable, plant-based material.

This makes our cups compostable and recyclable.

Our goal is to inspire and make a positive impact on your

heart without leaving a footprint on the earth.

Many paper cups are coated with petroleum-based plastic resin.

While the paper part is recyclable, the plastic lining often causes

these cups to be rejected by recycling facilities, as they struggle to

separate the paper from the plastic. Our eco-friendly cups aim to

leave a mark on your heart without burdening the earth.

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