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Your body is a beautiful and glorious temple. You know this better than anyone. So detoxify, relax, and uplift, by filling up with this gorgeous Green Tea.

Feel yourself being infused with strength, clarity and poise, and allow those abundant antioxidants to do their work. Brew it again, and again once more, and indulge in the subtle complexities of its flavour.



Grassy aroma with a sharp attack of flavour and hints of sweetness.



Place one tea bag in a cup.

Pour water at approximately 80 degrees.

Allow to infuse for 2-3 minutes.



All Zoetic teas are Organic certified, meaning no chemicals, pesticides or other nasties are sprayed on the crop itself. As tea goes unwashed during production, it’s SUPER important that your cuppa is clean and green.

What’s more, our Fairtrade certification ensures all workers that pick & pack the tea have decent working conditions. Neat, huh?

Zoetic Green Enveloped Tea Bags 100

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