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The Isomac Zaffiro Due Espresso Machine is a single boiler dual purpose espresso machine. It can make cafe quality espresso and steam milk to a silky consistency for creamy latte’s and cappuccino’s. The Isomac Zaffiro Due Espresso Machine has a full stainless steel body and chassis and is built to give many years of cafe quality coffee in the home or office.

Product highlights include: an E61 group head for consistent brew temperature, a full stainless steel body for long service life and it looks fantastic.


Machine Features:

  • Body: Iron supporting frame with Stainless Steel body and control panel
  • Group Head: Stainless steel construction E61
  • Boiler: Single Boiler
  • Head Heating: Thermo syphon circulation
  • Steam Outlet: Semi automatic
  • Low Water Level: Automatic shut off
  • Handles: Single & Double portafilters
  • Pump: Vibrating



  • Voltage: 240Volts
  • Element: 1400W
  • Water Tank: 3 Litre
  • Boiler: 0.7 Litre
  • Width (mm): 230
  • Depth (mm): 430
  • Height (mm): 410
  • Weight (kg): 19

Isomac Zaffiro Due