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If you’re looking for the ultimate coffee machine for your home, this is it. The Slayer Single Group Coffee Machine condenses everything everyone loves about the brand's iconic espresso machines into a compact package that stuns in terms of both looks and performance.

Unparalleled temperature stability

Behind Slayer’s gorgeous exterior are two boilers -- one dedicated for brewing and another for steaming. The separate boilers allow you to pull shots and steam milk simultaneously, without losing temperature or pressure. That means unlimited steam and the perfect brewing temperature for your coffee each time.

Precise flow rates

What truly sets Slayer coffee machines apart from the rest is its patented Espresso Needle Valve. Created to control the flow rate, this technology gives you the ability to adjust the water flow during the pre-infusion stage. Having this control over the preinfusion opens up a whole new world of flavours as it lets you extract the specific notes you want from your coffee. With this patented Slayer tech, you can transform your espressos shot after shot.

Striking Form

Unmistakable even at first glance, you’ll instantly know you’re looking at a Slayer machine. From its sleek contours to its flawless finishes, this is a coffee machine that you just have to experience. Best of all, the machine is customisable to reflect your distinct style or personality, making it truly your own.


Machine Features:

Needle valve technology - Slayer’s patented needle valve lets you control the water flow during preinfusion, letting you hone in on specific flavour profiles.

Double boiler - One boiler for brewing and another for steaming means you can do both simultaneously without temperature or pressure drops.

Impeccable style - The Slayer’s distinct form is recognisable even from a distance, adding instant prestige to your brew bar or kitchen.

Customisable - Make the Slayer truly your own by customising the side panels, rear body, leg finishing, and wooden handles.


This product includes:

  • 1 x Slayer 1 V3 Group Coffee Machine
  • 1 x Bottomless portafilter
  • 1 x 18g basket
  • 1 x Backflush basket
  • 1 x Backflush Cleaner
  • 1 x Teflon-coated screen
  • 1 x Water Test Kit
  • 1 x Upgraded Inlet Solenoid Base
  • 1 x Standard grounded plug




BoilerDual, 3.3L Steam and 1.1L Brew
Water TankNo Water Tank - Direct Plumbing Required
Pre-InfusionYes, Patented “Pre Brew” Tech
Voltage220-240V / AU Plug
Dimensions546 x 465 x 393 mm


Slayer Espresso V3 Manual Paddle 1 Group Black

  • All Equipment is bench testing prior to dispatch to ensure everything is in good working order. 

    New Products: 12 - months manufacturer’s warranty on non-consumable parts. 3 Months on perishable and consumable parts replacement warranty. Labour costs may apply.

  • Boiler Dual, 3.3L Steam and 1.1L Brew
    Water Tank No Water Tank - Direct Plumbing Required
    Pump Vibration
    PID Yes
    Pre-Infusion Yes, Patented “Pre Brew” Tech
    Voltage 220-240V / AU Plug
    Dimensions 546 x 465 x 393 mm
    Weight 70kg